The Guys Behind It

Drunk For A Penny is a collaborative project started by a pair of passionate alcohol enthusiasts. For Mohan V and Yuvraj Singh, it goes well beyond the simplicity of just getting drunk – it’s about their journey as they travel the world with every glass, from the Highlands in Scotland, to the foothills of Piedmont in Italy – absorbing the history, the culture, and the stories that go into each bottle.

13262463_10209689941749072_25293338_oOwner of cats, player of bass, and haver of naturally curly hair, Mohan is a part-time writer and a full time nerd, and is commonly referred to as ‘that wine guy’. He takes to heart, the words “Wine improves with time, and I improve with wine.”
Having completed his WSET 2, he has dedicated himself to understanding the mysterious beauty of the grape.



Yuvraj one day hopes to cement his name among the hospitality greats. A budding Whisky enthusiast, he can often be found experimenting with the unique flavours that are waiting to be discovered. When not trying new malts, he can be found on the golf course or spending lazy afternoons sketching to the tune of 70’s Rock & Roll.