The Day That Changed Wine Forever

When and why did people everywhere suddenly start appreciating the underdogs of wine, all over the world?
Possibly one of the most fascinating, mind-boggling stories to come out of wine.


Budget Bartending with Joe – The Bloody Mary

In collaboration with The Curious Cocktailian, we found the best way to create a lip-smacking Bloody Mary at home, on a really modest budget. It’s pretty amazing, actually.

Wine Tasting – Not as Hard as it Looks

Have you ever looked at wine, and the strange ways in which people describe it? If you ever thought it was beyond you, think again. It’s actually pretty easy.

Blue Wine – It’s Here, and It’s Good

There has been a lot of buzz about this stuff, and I finally managed to get a bottle for myself. How does it taste? What foods does it pair with? Read on to find out.

Question time! #1

This week, we discuss all the questions you guys have been sending in over the weeks. Send us yours, and we’ll feature them soon!

Sangria – The Life of the Party

Sangria is one of the best things to happen to wine. The perfect party drink, the perfect summertime fix – it doesn’t get much better than that.

Whisky And Food – Chocolate

Chocolate is a notoriously difficult food to pair. Whisky steps up to the challenge, however, and manages to create quite an amazing experience.

Port – The People’s Champion

This week, one of the world’s favourite wines – Port. India has it’s very own version of it, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Parley : Whisky and Whisky Cocktails

Join Yuvraj Singh and Trisha Koparde as they discuss whisky and it’s many forms in cocktails – from one aspiring professional to another.